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Garage doors have become necessary equipment nowadays. Everyone wants to secure and embellish the looks of their building. As the requirement for new doors has increased so has the functionality.

Modern garage doors do not even require a person to stand close to operate the door. You can now even operate your garage door from a distance using wireless features. Therefore, a garage door opener comes into the picture.

These openers have dramatically changed the working of a garage door. This whole process has become smooth and effortless. 

There are various companies available in the market that provides these openers. A few of them like the Genie garage door opener create affordable door openers. Furthermore, these openers are for commercial and residential purposes.

Therefore, let us quickly understand the various Genie garage door openers. This will help you choose the ideal one for your infrastructure.

Brief Introduction to Genie Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is a basic garage door operation device. These openers control the working of automatic doors. Furthermore, the openers have different properties like smart operation, battery backup, and safety control that enhance your overall garage. Genie provides a large collection of garage door openers. From small house owners to even big industries, anyone can take benefit of these openers. There are tons of products to choose your required product. The company also provides amazing online and offline support along with installation guides to help their customers. 

Variants of Genie Garage Door Openers in the Market 

You can select Genie garage door opener according to budget and requirements. Currently, the company provides following types of garage openers:

Belt-drive garage door openers

This garage door opener runs on a belt-drive. The rubberized belt provides a noise-free motion and is smooth to use. In addition to this, these are heavy-duty openers that allow fantastic garage door motion. Mostly residential areas use these openers. 

Chain-Drive garage door openers

These types of Genie garage door openers have a metallic chain attached that is rotated using an electronic motor. The metal parts make more noise than a belt-drive but are comparatively cheaper to maintain.

Screw-Drive garage door opener

This is a basic model of opener. The whole operation is performed by a rotating metal rod that is attached to chains. It makes a lot of noise but is fairly easy to maintain.

Jackshaft Genie Garage Door Opener

In these door openers, a strong motor is used to pull the torsion cables and move the garage door. These are expensive than traditional door openers but provide effortless movement. Jackshaft is mostly suitable for large buildings and warehouses.

Direct-Drive Genie Garage door opener

These are some of the best industry openers. They contain fewer moving parts and require a powerful motor to pull a single moving chain. These door openers take less space and quite fast and long-lasting. Such openers come with life-time warranty features but have a high maintenance cost.

Below Are Some Of The Features Of Famous Genie Garage Door Openers:

Stealth Drive 750

  • Wireless keypad for both indoor and outdoor functionalities.
  • Quiet operation with low maintenance cost.
  • Can fit in any small garage.
  • Easy upgrade using Aladdin Connect to enjoy complete wireless features.
  • Use of Infra-Red beams safety measure to prevent objects getting stuck between doors
  • Genie sense self-diagnostic technology for fixing small problems on its own.
  • Extremely easy to install and doesn’t require any additional parts.
  • Long-lasting and pocket-friendly Genie garage door opener.
  • Excellent battery backup for instant power.
  • Also, the device has effortless connectivity with Car2U and homelink.

Wall Mount Smart Direct Drive

  • Has heavy-lifting 24 volt DC motor with almost no noise.
  • Wireless and Bluetooth functionalities with remote control and smart LED lights.
  • Can lift more than 800lbs weighing garage door.
  • Amazing durability.
  • A highly safe opener with a T pulse detection feature developed by Genie Company.
  • Quick and smooth garage door motion.
  • Can be easily wall mounted on either side of the door and saves a lot of space.

MachForce 2 HPc Premium 

  • Runs on a traditional screw drive mechanism.
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Already comes with Aladdin smart connect features.
  • Specially built to lift the heavy load with the 140-volt motor that produces 2 HPc.
  • Equipped with basic safety measures like Geniesense. Thus, making monitoring and diagnosing along with T beams easier.
  • Additionally,a battery backup can be equipped with these openers for convenience.

ChainDrive 750 

  • This model uses a chain-drive opener technology in the machine.
  • Comes with automatic battery backup
  • Highly reliable for future use and has ten years of warranty.
  • The company provides all smart and safety features with this device.
  • Car2You and Homelink connectivity are present.
  • Additionally, Genie Aladdin connect enhances wireless functionality with this garage opener.

Genie garage door opener FAQs

Why to choose Genie Garage Door Openers?

With over-the-top smart features and effective support centers, Genie is the best company to go for any garage door openers. The product line is vast and every opener comes with safety attachments to enhance the overall security of you and your equipment.

Where to buy genuine Genie products?

You can easily buy any genie product by going to the official Genie website geniecompany.com. Also, you can search for all the dealers and retailers that sell these products. These openers can be bought from offline stores as well.

Where to claim the warranty?

Simply just go to the Genie garage door website and register your product. Once your product is registered, then you can claim the warranty at any time.

How to become a Genie Dealer?

All the details of becoming a distributor of genie products are available on the official website. You can also call on their support number and ask for any query.

How to Contact Genie Support?

As mentioned earlier, Genie’s customer support number is given on their official website. You can reach out to the support center within the given time frame. Also, Genie has provided installation guides and videos for DIY garage door openers. Furthermore, there is an online chat option available for all visitors. One can ask any question to the given representative about their products, features, warranty, and sales.

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