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Nowadays, a garage has become a basic necessity. In homes, shops, and corporations, almost every place has a garage for their building. These areas are utilized for several purposes. Whether it’s for storing vehicles or showcasing products, a garage is always required. For proper functioning, a garage door always needs repair and maintenance. Every company offers unique methods for fixing garage doors. But we, at On The Spot garage Door, dealing in commercial garage door repair & installation New Jersey provide world-class solutions. We not only provide solutions regarding a commercial garage door repair and installation but also will help you choose the best product for your work.

A garage door is a simple machine that runs using an electronic motor. It also consists of several parts like cables, springs, and weights. All these components together create an automatic device for your garage. Garage doors used in big corporations and industries require high-grade materials. These machines are built to last long.

Common Features A Commercial Garage Door Should Have:

  • Remote operation: It removes the necessity of standing close to a garage door. Now one can easily operate from a distant location.
  • Electronic keypad: You can enter any password of your choice using the given keypad.
  • Security sensors: This covers both motion sensors and obstruction detectors. They prevent any mishappenings.
  • Self-diagnosing toolkit: Recently, these tools are implemented in the garage. They verify the integrity and check for any damage.
  • Cameras: A camera is another great add-on for a modern garage door. No more worries about any trespassers.
  • Smart lock: This is an automatic lock and unlock functionality. Most garage doors are now equipped with this feature. 

The above features in a commercial garage door make it work smoothly and provide high security. Apart from protection, a commercial garage door can give uniqueness to your building. People know companies by their front or entry door. And, this is the best way to gain tremendous popularity. But make sure to get the right type of commercial garage door. 

The commercial garage doors can be divided into two variants depending on the movement:

  • Horizontal: Doors like Side-hinged doors and side-sliding doors are traditional garage doors. They require more space but are less expensive than their counterparts.
  • Vertical: This category is widely used in the market. Tilt-up, roll-up, tilt and retract, all are modern commercial garage doors. They provide more durability and style factor.

Selecting The Best Commercial Garage Door Repair Company

You will find hundreds of companies that provide commercial garage door repair and installation. However, companies like On The Spot Garage Door has the best garage door experts NJ and equipment for your commercial garage door. We deal in all the commercial garage door installation, repair and maintenance in New Jersey. So, just relax and with a single click of a button, get a permanent fix for your commercial garage door problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose On The Spot Garage Door?

We provide the perfect commercial garage door repair solutions. We have well-trained and certified professionals & give instant support to every customer. We have proper tools for fixing any type of problem. Therefore, for any commercial garage door repair, just call us.

Which product to order?

You can choose from a variety of products. These products come in customizable designs and colors. But only select the doors that serve your purpose. If you require high durability and resistance, then go for metal doors. But if you are only interested in design, then choose wood or fiberglass, but you might need commercial garage door repair very often in this case.

How to get support related to commercial garage door repair or installation?

Just visit the website or call us to get immediate help with commercial garage door repair or installation. The support team provides all year service to the customers. You can also speak one on one with a customer representative for any queries. They help with both commercial garage door replacement and repair and maintenance.

How long the commercial garage doors last?

The commercial garage doors can last up to thirty years. With proper care and maintenance, you can increase the life of these products. Furthermore, each product comes with a warranty card.

Should I go for traditional or modern commercial garage door options?

Traditional doors work in a slow side-sliding fashion. These require less maintenance and come within budget. However, they are not so popular in the urban areas. Tilt-up, sliding, and automatic roll-up doors are in trend nowadays. They are equipped with the latest technology that enhances the overall motion of the door.

Where to buy the add-ons for my door?

Parts like LED bulbs, extra batteries, and smart controllers can be bought from reliable garage door stores. You can order every product online. Furthermore, you can call the stores to find whether the products are compatible with your garage door.

Is it possible to repair only a segment of commercial garage door?

It is definitely possible to repair only a particular portion of commercial garage door. Such a fix can only happen if there is some minor issue in the area. But, in some cases, the entire garage door needs to be replaced. A commercial garage door repair takes a lot of time and effort. If a part is faulty, the entire system may become unstable. Thus, the best practice is to repair or replace the entire structure.

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